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Embrace the Power of Holistic Brand Styling with Smylie Creative

Brand Styling

In the competitive world of branding and design, standing out requires more than flashy logos and catchy slogans. Today, your brand has to have a cohesive message that is weaved throughout your entire company – including your advertising messages, office space and social media platforms. At Smylie Creative we’re passionate advocates for brand styling because we’ve seen the huge impact it makes on companies, employees, customers and stakeholders.

What Exactly is Brand Styling?

Brand styling is the visual language that communicates the essence of your brand to your audience. It encompasses everything from your logo design and colour palette, to typography and imagery choices. By carefully crafting your brand styling effectively, you can successfully convey your brand's values, personality, and unique selling points. The benefit of this is that it ultimately drives brand recognition and enhances your overall marketing efforts.

Why is Brand Styling Important?

Brand styling is crucial for your company because it establishes a consistent and memorable identity that resonates with your target market and helps you attract more customers. It not only sets you apart from competitors but also fosters trust and loyalty among your existing customers. Brand styling goes much deeper than merely brand identity and it plays a pivotal role in shaping the perception and identity of a company in consumer minds. At Smylie Creative we adopt a methodology that goes beyond mere surface aesthetics to create a tapestry of meaning and connection with your clients and help extend your reach to others.

Here are a few examples of how impactful brand styling can be:

·        Creates Recognition: With brand styling, you look at elements like logos, colours, font and imagery and ensure they all complement each other. This not only makes you look more professional but it also helps your business stand out and makes it recognisable. People start to subconsciously associate those elements with your company.

·        Builds Credibility and Creates Trust: If a brand is presented well and has a consistent message across platforms, marketing materials, packaging etc, then your audience gets to know you and feels like they can trust you.

·        Communicates Values and Your Company Personality: Brand styling is so much more than surface aesthetics, it has the potential to communicate your values as a company and the story behind it. Using elements like colours, typography and imagery, you can evoke emotions and form a connection with consumers.

·        Fosters Employee Pride: Brand styling isn’t just a smart move for external audiences – it also has a positive impact on stakeholders and employees. When they understand and embrace the brand’s values and visual identity, it strengthens the message even more and they become brand ambassadors.

·        Company Audit: This also becomes a great time to refresh your brand and do an audit. Are there values, processes or designs you’ve held onto for way too long that you have outgrown as a company or are making you seem dated instead of timeless to your customers? Then it’s time for a refresh!


A Holistic Approach to Brand Styling

At Smylie Creative, we specialise in creating bespoke brand-styling solutions tailored to elevate your brand presence and leave a lasting impression. We look at several factors that need to come into play when developing brand styling:

·        Visual elements

·        Brand voice

·        Target audience

·        Competitor analysis

·        Brand values

·        Adaptability

Whether it's through carefully-curated stock imagery, professional photo shoots, or a thorough audit of your brand's physical environments, we're committed to helping you put your best foot forward.

To sum up, if you are willing to go the extra mile, brand styling is a strategic investment that pays dividends in terms of brand recognition, customer loyalty and long-term success. If you want to draw more customers in, strengthen your existing customers and want to boost company morale and fulfilment, let us help you create a brand that people want to get behind and support.

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